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Step 1: select the files you want to stamp
Step 2: select a stamp and the settings that you want to use for stamping
Step 3: choose the output options and start stamping

This Part will show you how to select the files you want to stamp. Just take a look at the screenshot. It's marked with numbers. For each step you need for selecting your pictures one number. The explanations are below the screenshot:

Browse to the folder on your harddisk where you placed the zip-files (or your own files that you want to stamp). You will see all image-files in the folder appearing in the box to the right(2.).

Here you can see the files that are in the current folder(1.). Click on the files to see a small preview (4.) Decide what files you want to stamp by clicking the "add all" or the "add sel" button. "add all" will add all files to the "selected files" box (3.). "add sel" will only add those files that are marked (blue highlighted). You can mark multiple files by using the shift or ctrl-key of your keyboard or with your mouse.

When using our sample files mark only the file named "original.jpg" and click "add sel".

This is the selected files part(3.). Here you can see the already-selected files. Again you get a preview (4.). "rem sel" will remove the blue highlighted (selected) files from the selection. "rem all" will remove all files.

When using our samples files, you should have selected only one file: "original.jpg".

This is the preview-part(4.). When file-selection is too slow uncheck the "preview"-button to disable this feature.

Let's go to step 2 >>> (click the "positioning and settings" tab)