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Step 1: select the files you want to stamp
Step 2: select a stamp and the settings that you want to use for stamping
Step 3: choose the output options and start stamping

Now your work is nearly finished. You just have to choose some output options.

Here you can choose the output folder.

"output settings" give you the ability to specify if you want to overwrite existing files, if you want to create the files as bmp or as jpg. If you choose jpg you can additionally choose the quality. The higher the quality the better the picture will look, but the filesize will be higher, too.

Press the "start"-button to start stamping. You can press the stop-button any time you want to immediately break the stamping.

This box gives you detailed information what files were processed and if any errors occurred. The progress-bar gives you a feeling how long the whole stamping will take.

Your images are stamped!

If you want to create your own Stamp and don't know how to do it, visit our Howto for creating your own Stamp in 5 Seconds.

We hope that this guide gave you a good overview of what you can do with picture-shark. If you still have questions please contact us.